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See how our fundraising tools can integrate with your site to make it simple for donors to contribute online.

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Donation Button

Donation button

This mobile-friendly feature hovers on each page of your site so prospective donors can easily tap to support your cause.

Good for: increasing prospective donor pool
Donation Forms

Donation forms

Our mobile-friendly forms are quick and easy for donors to fill out, and also give your nonprofit a more branded, professional way to receive donations.

Good for: adding legitimacy to your organization


Turn your one-time donors into recurring supporters. This feature instantly calculates the impact that a smaller monthly donation can make in lieu of their one-time gift.

Good for: creating a sustainable revenue stream
Impact amounts

Impact amounts

With each donation, you’ll be able to show your donors how their money will be spent and the immediate impact of their support.

Good for: showing the value of each donation
And this is just the beginning.
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