About Harness

We are dedicated to creating meaningful change in the world every day. Take a look to see how we’ve done it.

See the power in numbers

Our award-winning solutions have given nonprofits the tools to take the traditional one-time donation models and transform them into long-term recurring giving strategies. Together, our growing team has helped thousands of organizations process over $100 million in donations.

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Our mission

To be the missing link that connects donors’ everyday spending with what they believe in, so that it can be a true representation of who they are and the world they want to live.

Where it all started

In 2016, Miraj Patel and Andrew Scarborough co-founded Harness, a financial technology platform that serves as the missing link between how we spend and what we believe in. Their primary focus was to help cultivate deeper relationships between nonprofits and their supporters by making it easier for donors to give and connect to their community. Today, Harness continues to roll out new tools, features, and strategies to help nonprofits continue to grow and thrive sustainably.