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More ways to connect with donors

Tap into simple, yet effective ways to engage your supporters—and ultimately, raise more for your cause.

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Mini posts displaying donor impact

Impact posts

Keep your supporters engaged with your cause throughout the year via mini blog posts that can be delivered directly to their phone.

Good for: deepening donor investment
Fundraising campaign with progress bar

Fundraising campaigns

Whether you're raising funds for a specific cause or for general operations, use our easy-to-use tools to tell your story and create a professional-looking fundraising campaign in minutes.

Good for: creating awareness & driving support
Text Keywords

Text keywords

To generate even more support for your cause during your events, this simple, yet powerful feature allows new donors to text a designated keyword and seamlessly donate to your nonprofit.  

Good for: streamlining donations
Man singing into microphone


Create an event in minutes and manage tickets all from the same platform. By saving time on administrative tasks, you can focus on hosting an impactful event to raise more for your cause.

Good for: in-person engagement
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