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Raise more by giving your donors quicker, more automated ways to support your cause every day.

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Round Ups

Round Ups

This card-linked program allows your supporters to turn their everyday purchases into automatic mini donations—complete with a “set it and forget it” feature to make it even easier.

Good for: encouraging everyday support
Recurring donations screen

Recurring donations

Through easy-to-navigate donation forms, we help convert would-be one-time donors into long-term supporters for cash flow you can count on.

Good for: building a sustainable revenue stream
Automated giving texts

Automated texts

Make your donors feel instantly appreciated with messages that are set up to automatically send after they donate.

Good for: building lasting connections
Two-way texting

Two-way texting

With this functionality, you’ll make it more convenient to give individualized attention to your biggest donors and keep them engaged with your cause.

Good for: enriching donor relationships
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